Are you looking to migrate temporarily or permanently to Australia? Book a client interview for $99 AUD! See if you are eligible to apply for an Australian Visa.

Full visa process & support from $300 to $1800, see if we have the professional migration solution for you and your family to help you save $$$$’s.

Our services include: – Eligibility Assessment – Professional Advice – Preparing Visa Applications – Skills Assessments – Visa Lodgement – Post Lodgement Services – Submissions to the Department & Other bodies – Submissions to the Tribunal (AAT)


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*Individual assessment is required

– Additional Fees Apply for Secondary Applicants over 18 years old

**All fees are subject to GST. This is in addition to the fees stated below.

Description Subclass Fee
Initial Consultation (1-hour) N/A $99
Student Visas
Student visas 500 $400
Student Guardian visa 590 $400
Skilled Graduate Visas
Graduate visa 485 $500
Provisional Skills Assessment N/A $300
Partner Visas
Prospective Marriage visa 300 $1800
Partner Visa (Temporary) 820 & 309 $1800
Partner Visa (Permanent) 801 & 100 $800
Parent Visas
Parent visas 103 $1800
Contributory Parent visa 173 & 143 $1800
Aged Parent visa 804 $1800
Contributory Aged Parent visa 884 & 864 $1800
Other Family Visas
Child visa 101 & 802 $1800
Remaining Relative visa 115 & 835 $1800
Orphan Relative visa 117 & 837 $1800
Adoption visa 102 $1800
Carer visa 116 & 836 $1800
Description Subclass Fee
Skilled Visas
Skills Assessment (Trades) N/A $1,200
Skills Assessment (General Occupations) N/A $1,000
Expression of Interest N/A $400
State Nomination N/A $300
Skilled Independent visa 189 $999
Skilled Nominated visa 190 $999
Skilles Regional Visa 491 $999
Employer Sponsored Visas
Standard Business Sponsorship 482 $900
Employer Nomination 482 $1,200
Temporary Skills Shortage visa 482 $999
Employer Nomination Scheme (nomination) 186 $1,200
Emploter Nomination Scheme visa 186 $999
Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (nomination) 494 $1,200
Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional visa 494 $999
Other Services
Visitor Visa 600 From $300*
Bridging Visa B BVB $75
New Zealand Family Relationship 461 $999
Citizenship Application N/A $700
Distinguised Talent 124 & 858 $1800
Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) 400 $950
Tribunal Review Application N/A From $1500*
Resident Return Visa 155, 157 $600


We challenge the way Australian immigration services are offered to clients by lowering our cost base and handing those savings to you in vastly reduced migration agent fees.

We are professionally qualified & registered migration agents who offer professional immigration services to anyone requiring Australian immigration assistance.

Just because we have cheap prices for our services does not mean that we cut corners or offer lower quality advice and guidance. We are trained migration agents who offer a gold standard service to our clients but charge a lot less than our competitors.

CheaperMigrationAgent.com.au was created to offer a low-cost alternative for anyone that is seeking to engage a qualified and registered migration agent at a fair and low price.

We believe that everyone should have access to a suitably qualified and experienced migration agent and our online business model certainly allows us to offer this to clients across the globe.

We know what it’s like to move countries and there are enough costs involved with this already. This is why we offer a professional migration service that is more affordable and simply a cheaper alternative.

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The Migration Legislation changes rapidly. Therefore, the information provided in this website is general in nature and it does not substitute professional immigration advice.

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We offer the same quality of service as any other qualified & registered migration agent at a more affordable price.

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