Cheaper Migration Agent was launched to offer more affordable immigration services to all our clients around the world.

Our agents have successfully completed either a Certificate in Migration Law or a Diploma in Migration Law and Practice and the Migration Agents Capstone Assessment offered by the College of Law. All agents are members of professional bodies and are registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

We offer the same quality of service as any other qualified & registered migration agent at a more affordable price.

We firmly believe that the costs involved in migrating are already high enough and we believe in clients achieve their Australian migration dream by charging a fair price for all of our professional immigration work.

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We differentiate ourselves from other agents by:

  • Removing the expensive CBD office

  • Removing the polite receptionist

  • Removing expensive rents and rates

  • Removing the expensive administration and back office team

  • Removing expensive advertising campaigns

Instead we:

  • Offer a cost-effective immigration agent service

  • Savings in time and money by making use of software that allows to prepare and lodge your visa efficiently and effectively.

  • Communication to clients through electronic channels such as email and Skype

  • Operate a simple and cost-effective website than an expensive high street office

This is how we offer affordable fees!

The best part is that we have completed the same courses and exams, joined the same professional bodies and share the same level of professional standing and expertise as any other agent. The only difference is that we charge you less!

Are you looking to migrate temporarily or permanently to Australia? Book a client interview for $100 AUD! See if you are eligible to apply for an Australian Visa.

Full visa process & support from $300 to $1800, see if we have the professional migration solution for you and your family to help you save $$$$’s.

Our services include: – Eligibility Assessment – Professional Advice – Preparing Visa Applications – Skills Assessments – Visa Lodgement – Post Lodgement Services – Submissions to the Department & Other bodies – Submissions to the Tribunal (AAT)