This visa is a point-tested visa that offers a 5-year provisional visa with a pathway to permanent residency after a minimum of 3 years. Amongst other visa requirements, these can be summarised at it follows:

  • Applicant need to score at least 65 points (Points Test)
  • Applicant needs to be under 45 at the time of invitation
  • Competent English Skills
  • Applicant needs to have prior business experience or formal qualifications to successfully run the business.
  • Applicant needs to have resided in Queensland for at least 6 months prior to lodging the application for Queensland State Nomination and must provide supporting evidence of having been managing the business for at least 35 hours per week.
  • Positive Skills Assessment in one of the relevant occupations (even if it is different to the scope of the business)
  • The minimum investment required to an existing regional business is $100,000 AUD. The business needs to have been purchased as this program is not available for star-ups or home-based businesses.
  • The minimum investment can may include initial costs, business registration costs, marketing, advertising, etc.
  • The business needs to have been trading in an eligible regional postcode for at least 6 months after the purchase date immediately prior to lodging an Expression of Interest (EOI).
  • The business needs to have been employing an Australian Citizen or a Permanent resident.
  • Applicant’s qualifying employment to meet permanent residency requirements can be undertaken by owning and managing the regional business.
  • Applicant needs to show that he/she own the business (100% ownership)
  • Applicant needs to provide enough settlement funds

The requirements listed are only a summary of the key aspects surrounding this pathway. For more information, please read the Fact Sheet from BMSQ:

The Department of Home Affairs also provides detailed information on the Subclass 491 visa. Please follow this link: